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  • Retro Kitchen Remodel
    18 minutes agoBy Sandra S.

    Retro Kitchen Remodel

    This kitchen brings the 50's back to life with this modern take.

  • Luxury Dark Kitchen Restoration
    2 days agoBy Ken F.

    Luxury Dark Kitchen Restoration

    Check out this beutiful dark oak themed kitchen. Inspired from 20th century eastern Europe this kitchen is truley a gem.

  • Earrings
    4 days agoBy Bobby R.

    Modern Kitchen Renovation

    This kitchen renovation looks like it came straight out of the future. The designer was able to balance both stainless steel appliances and also implement wood trim which is not the easies task.

  • Butterfly
    10 days agoBy Kenneth T.

    Rustic Kitchen Decor

    This artistic kitchen located in Canada comes with all of the modern luxury while maintaining an overall rustic feel.

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